Agile vs Agile Plus – What’s New?

Agile vs Agile Plus – What’s New?

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest height-adjustable system that sees one of our bestsellers get a bunch of upgrades.

At first glance, you might not be able to see much of a difference so you’re probably wondering what the difference is between the two and what got the upgrade.

Take a look below where we’ve spelled everything out for you so you can decide what’s best for you.

Let’s look under the hood.


AgileAgile Plus
Leg Profile3.55″ x 2.4″ rectangle2.4″ square
Height Range26″ – 43.5″27″ – 47.5″
Height Adjustment Speed1″ / sec1.6″ / sec
MotorWinder or Single motor electricDual synchronized electric
ControllerUp/down controls, 4 presetsStandard controller – up/down; optional upgrade – up/down, 4 presents
Build qualityVery goodExcellent
Anti-collisionYesYes, higher sensitivity
Super soft stop-startNoYes
Available configurationsStraight SSD*/DSD*, 90 SSD/DSD, 120 SSDStraight SSD/DSD, 90 SSD
PowerHardwire, in-trayHardwire, in-tray
Cable managementYes, optional upgradeYes, optional upgrade
Weight Rating250 lbs250 lbs

*SSD = Singlesided Desk; *DSD = Doublesided Desk


Both systems share a very similar visual appeal, but slight design nuances set them apart. Agile Plus leans towards a minimalistic aesthetic, sporting a sleeker look with its concealed motor casing and slender, square leg profile. In contrast, Agile opts for a slightly wider profile and an exposed motor casing. While their fundamental design language aligns, these distinctions cater to different tastes, offering options for those who appreciate minimalism and others who lean towards an edgier, more exposed style.

Agile Plus Height Adjustable Desk
Agile Plus
Agile Height Adjustable Desk

The Agile system is equipped with a standard 4-memory preset controller, providing the flexibility to choose from four preset heights and adjust sensitivity across five levels. In contrast, Agile Plus includes a basic controller by default, offering simple up and down controls with anti-collision fixed to medium sensitivity. For enhanced functionality, the upgraded Panel Pro Controller is available, featuring four memory presets, a digital readout, and the option to customize collision sensitivity settings to high, medium, or low.


Both systems are feature-packed and stand out as quality height-adjustable systems. Agile has proved itself over many years, creating spaces for a wealth of clients across the continent. With both systems being similar and appearance, let’s look at the differences in the specs and functionality.

Depending on your preferred working height, Agile can be a little short for some of our taller friends. It tops out at 43.5 inches to the top of the worksurface, while Agile Plus extends to 47.5 inches, an added 4 inches to the 2-column frames.

Agile uses a single motor and drive shaft to power both legs. This creates a mechanical connection between both legs, in theory, creating less opportunity for failure. Agile Plus, on the other hand, uses a dual-motor synchronized drive, with one motor powering each leg. This setup gives us nearly double the lifting speed with much quieter operation.

Both systems are equipped with advanced anti-collision software designed to avert potential injuries or damages. The Agile system incorporates a 5-level adjustable sensitivity system that can be configured using the standard handset. On the other hand, Agile Plus uses a 3-level adjustable system that is adjusted via the Pro handset. The sensitivity is automatically set to medium for the basic controller. Both systems effectively fulfill their intended purpose by safeguarding the desk and its surroundings.

Exclusive to Agile Plus, the super soft stop-start feature is a nice feature that is welcomed with the improved lift speed. This thoughtful detail ensures a gradual acceleration and deceleration, allowing the desk to smoothly reach its maximum lift rate of 1.6 in (40 mm)/s. This feature adds a refined touch to the functionality, underscoring the attention to detail and providing a comfortable lifting experience.

Agile Plus 72″W, black frame, Landmark Wood HPL top, Agile Edge divider, Fulcrum Monitor arms, Compass Chair

Build and Quality

Both systems offer high-quality design and robust construction, complemented by excellent warranties to ensure lasting coverage. Agile Plus stands out for its meticulous manufacturing approach with manual quality control checks with enhanced precision. In one instance, the height-adjustable leg components are shimmed manually to match specific tolerances, contributing to a notably smoother and more stable lifting experience. This nuanced attention to detail in the manufacturing process is a testament to the commitment to delivering a reliable product.

Both systems hold weight ratings of 250 pounds, providing a robust foundation for any work setup. Over several years, these desks have consistently demonstrated exceptional durability, accommodating even the most substantial monitor configurations. Their exceptional load capacities underscore their adaptability to the evolving needs of users.

In practical terms, the desks have proven to be more than capable of withstanding the demands of today’s workstations, where large and sophisticated monitor setups are increasingly common. Whether it’s multiple monitors, specialized equipment, or a combination of both, these desks ensure users can confidently create personalized, technology-rich workspaces without compromising on stability or durability.

Agile 72″W, White Frame, White LPL Top, Agile Clamp-on Divider, Cable Cobra and Cable Management, Balance Executive Chair


Agile and Agile Plus embody eco-friendly manufacturing practices, employing processes that prioritize environmental sustainability. Both products are thoughtfully packaged, with over 90% of their packaging materials being recyclable. Notably, Agile Plus sets itself apart by featuring an even more streamlined design, composed of fewer components. This not only enhances its efficiency but also contributes to a more sustainable production process.

Furthermore, the packaging for Agile Plus goes above and beyond, embracing a design that minimizes waste and promotes sustainability. By incorporating innovative packaging solutions, Agile Plus reduces the overall amount of packaging material required for installation. This not only aligns with environmental consciousness but also simplifies the disposal process for end-users. Agile Plus represents a conscientious step forward in both product design and packaging, demonstrating our dedication to minimizing the environmental footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.

Want to see what your space looks like with Agile or Agile Plus? Contact us for free 3D drawings and a quote all completed in 48 hours or less!⚡

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