Quiet Spaces

Acoustic art for noisy spaces.

The open office has tons of awesome advantages, but the need for controlling unwanted noise cannot be overlooked. With the increasing presence of high ceilings and hard surfaces such as concrete floors, Quiet Spaces is the perfect solution to help reduce noise in your workspace so your team can focus. Not to mention the aesthetics side of things; Quiet Spaces brings a wealth of design possibilities to the table to transform your space into something more visually attractive! The 100% recycled material product line includes ceiling-hung clouds and baffles as well as wall products to aid sound absorption.

Hanging Divider Panel

  • Rectangle – 48” x 96”


Standard Panel Designs

Hanging e-Panel Divider in Showroom

Acoustical Ceiling Clouds

  • Contact us for sizing and details: info@workspace48.com

Acoustical Ceiling Art

  • Square Grid – 48”, 96”
  • Rectangle Grid – 48” x 96”

Acoustical Wall Art

  • Hexagon – 24”W, 32”W
  • Rectangles – 24” x 12”, 32” x 16”
  • Parallelogram – 30”W, 40”W
  • Squares – 12”, 16”, 24”
  • Triangles – 12”W, 16”W

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