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The Workspace 48 Team has ideas. Here they are from the best and brightest minds in the office furniture industry Galaxy!

Craig McPhail

TITLE | Big Kahuna

NICKNAME | Craiggles :)

Favorite Product:
Agile Electrical Height Adjustable Desk: Me and my Agile electric height adjustable desk are inseparable. If I’m feeling down, it lifts me up and it does it with just the push of a button. In fact, it can lift me to 4 different heights as it has a cool electronic screen with 4 memory height presets on it! Also, I’m a bit of a neat freak and my Agile desk has the best cable management out there so it takes care of my mess too. I would love to tell you more about my Agile desk so email at and I will give you the full rundown. Talk to you soon!

My Cool Space Fact

Neutron Stars can spin at a rate of 600 rotations per second… I can spin in my chair 40 times per minute!

Brandy Holmes

TITLE | Space Artist


Favorite Product:
Motion Otto: I don’t usually pick favorites, but when we introduced the Otto stool, how could I not? It even received the loving nickname, ‘Mostool’. It’s just the ideal size to keep by my side so any visitors to my desk always have a soft place to hang out, or if I ever need to go visit a colleague, I just jump on ‘Mostool’ and take a ride to their desk. It has become my partner in crime, my precious little pet.

My Cool Space Fact

Astronauts report that when returning from a spacewalk, their gear smells distinctively like seared steak, hot metal, and welding fumes. Mmmm…

Emily Snair

TITLE | Shipster

NICKNAME | Pemster

Favorite Product:
LUNA CHAIR: Finally. A “space” of my own. Ever been told you lived on another planet and thought, you know, I wish I actually did. Well…WS48 has newly blasted a product just for us! The Lunar Chair, as I prefer ?.  & if we have to…we’ll let all those other perfectly attentive and organized humans use them too.

My Cool Space Fact

I peeked at the Eclipse (I’m from Portland, OR, so got a fantastic viewing) without those nice eclipse glasses I have, and I can still see just fine?. (disclaimer: do not try this on my behalf)

Joseph Stedman

TITLE | Mission Controller


Favorite Product:
The Axis Mobile Caddy is an awesome storage unit for my workspace as it gives me all I need to organize everything I bring to the office. This versatile storage unit can be moved around and fit with a bookcase or even a set of draws to meet the demands of any employee. To sum up my thoughts…see below!

The WorkSpace 48 caddy;
Is a worker’s dream;
With even a coloured toppa,
To keep your company theme.

I use it to eat, sleep
Or have a quick seat on…

“It’s the perfect product”
Said my colleague John

My Cool Space Fact

Footprints of the astronauts from the Apollo will stay on the moon forever because there is no wind to blow them away.

John Simpson

TITLE | Brand Ambassador


Favorite Product:
The open office trend is driving a need for quiet spaces to make phone or video calls, or simply to allow greater concentration on specific tasks. The Motion LINK Phone Booth is the ideal answer for this!

At an NRC rating of .076, the acoustic value is simply “Out of this world!”

And another tip I have discovered….If you have co-workers that become annoyed if you make crunching noises when you eat potato chips in the office…this booth is for you!

Ask your boss for one today.

My Cool Space Fact

You can’t use powdered salt on your food in space or it floats away, so you must use it in liquid form. And by the way…Your nose runs a lot in outer space.

Shaelyn Holmes

TITLE | Director of first impressions

NICKNAME | Shaebae

Favorite Product:
This chair is my happy place! 🙂 When you want to escape from all the commotion, the invisible sound barrier surrounding the Wing chair makes it feel like you’re in your own world… and I’m positive it’s on cloud 9!

My Cool Space Fact

There is a diamond planet in our galaxy that is bigger than Earth! (I think I might visit….)

Melissa Devenish

TITLE | Number Cruncher

NICKNAME | Melstick

Stephanie McPhail

TITLE | Space Artist jr

NICKNAME | Rockbottom

Favorite Product:

The Planter Walls: During our cold and very white winter months in the great white north, the pop of green that these tall, bright and handsome walls give off every morning is a breath of fresh air. Not only are they very easy on the eyes, but they’re also even easier on the lungs. Increasing the amount of oxygen circulating throughout our office and naturally increasing the humidity levels is something very important when it comes to big office spaces and productivity. It’s fair to say that these get the job done very well. In conclusion, they’ll leaf ya wanting more.

My Cool Space Fact

If two pieces of the same metal touch in space they will permanently bond. The same thing happened to me and the planter walls the first time we met.

Brett Holmes

TITLE | Shipster


Favorite Product:

Quiet Spaces Acoustic Wall-art: I love these unique, colorful and sound-dampening acoustic panels as they brighten up an office space and reduce sound pollution significantly. Also, it allows me to celebrate Habs wins from the comfort of my own desk without fear of disturbing my co-workers. Simply sensational!

My Cool Space Fact

Uranus is tilted on its side. It appears to be a featureless blue ball at first glance, but this gas giant of the outer solar system is pretty weird on closer inspection. The planet rotates on its side for reasons scientists haven’t quite figured out. The most likely explanation is that it experienced some sort of titanic collisions in the ancient past. In any case, the tilt makes Uranus unique among the planets in our solar system!

Gavin Hewitt

TITLE | Marketing Whiz


Favorite Product:

The Agile Height adjustable desks are just like their name – they really are agile! They’re designed to move right along with you and that’s what makes them so awesome. If you would like to stand – no problem – press one of your favorite presets and work as you like!

My Cool Space Fact

The Apollo astronauts’ footprints on the moon will probably stay there for at least 100 million years. WOW!!

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