Motion Wing 1

Individual or Group Focus Spaces.

Motion Wing seating can be arranged to create meeting spaces or be used as quiet spaces to complete short individual tasks. The acoustic wings provide acoustic privacy with a more unique bold aesthetic.

MotionOffice® is about providing the workplace with a family of products to better suit the diverse range of tasks that workers of today are facing. It’s about empowering employees to choose a space that will work for them. This could be a private work pod to complete a high focus task, a team workspace to provide training to your staff, or an open collaborative area to build stronger working relationships. Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, MotionOffice® can provide a range of spaces with our system of office furniture. Because no two workplaces are the same.


Standard FeaturesDurable Motion Felt, milled wool blend textile
Steel frame construction
Levelling glides
Acoustic wings for privacy and a quiet environment
Specifications29.5″W x 31.5″L
Optional seatback covers available in 8 colors

You’re in good company.